Frequently Asked Questions

Off-Site Appraisals2016-04-11T20:36:02+00:00

We can appraise your items in the comfort of your own home; verbal appraisals are the least costly and start as low as $100. These are expert opinions based on current market value and the experience of our esteemed appraisers. Verbal appraisals are used as a guide to the value of your property. Our fees are customer-friendly and we work with everyone from estate attorneys to estate liquidators, and especially private owners.


Our appraisals are accepted by Insurance Companies and Attorneys for valuation of property. Copies are sent to your Attorney or Insurance companies, if needed. Cost is based on an hourly rate irregardless of valuations. Estimates are provided before work begins.

All of our appraisers have over 90 years of combined experience.

Why Do I Need An Appraisal?2016-04-11T20:32:24+00:00

Have you ever seen Antiques Roadshow on TV? Well, you might have some priceless valuables sitting around your home – and you’ll never know until you get your items appraised! Our gallery has three appraisers on staff with combined experience of over 90 years to evaluate your property. Once you get an appraisal, you can make an educated decision on how you would like to proceed with the sale of your property. Our appraisal staff covers the immediate tri-state area and for extensive appraisals, will travel cross-country.

Free estimates are offered in house, Tuesday through Thursday 10 am – 4 pm; we welcome walk-ins and we are also available by appointment. (Link to Contact Us page and Consignments page)

What Is An Appraisal?2016-04-11T20:30:52+00:00

An appraisal is a current valuation based on the purpose of the Appraisal using comparable values of the same or similar items in the appropriate market.