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About Time & Again Galleries

Letter from CEO

Welcome to Time & Again Galleries!

jeff1As CEO of Time and Again Galleries, I have watched Time and Again Galleries serve the New York Tri-State Area for the last twenty-five years and grow to become an international service for the last five years. Our 18,000 square foot gallery offers over a thousand items for sale on a monthly basis, most of which is offered with no reserve. Just about anything can be re-sold; whatever antiques you can find, chances are, we can sell it! We deal with antiques, decorative arts, jewelry, rugs, and even automobiles and homes. We see more than 15,000 items pass through our auction house every year – we are truly a “supermarket” auction house.

Yet despite the size of our customer base, we are still a very personal business. If you are seeking something specific, just ask us, and we can find it for you; our sources come from all over the world. Likewise, if you wish to dispose of properties, we offer our clients many options of which to choose from including, auction, buyouts, cleanouts and appraisals. We are constantly looking to improve our client base [buyers] and consignors [sellers]. Our reputation precedes us as you can easily discover by looking at our list of recommendations from former clients.

Here at Time and Again Galleries, we are proud of the quality of both our products and our service. Feel free to contact us with any questions. I look forward to working with you.

Jeff Zimmerman